"Great interview! Great guy! Thanks for bringing Jason Kelly into the limelight. I enjoyed all the article and have passed it along to several friends. Well done!" —Lynn

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You might be wondering if you would benefit from reading Outside the Lines. That's a great question. You don't have to be a practicing visual artist to gain insights and ideas for your own lifestyle from OTL. We address issues relevant to any creative lifestyle, whether it be in the visual arts, the performing arts, or any other entrepreneurial lifestyle. Whether you're a yoga instructor, a small business owner, a weekend artist, or engaged in any other enterprise that inspires you outside the 9 to 5 world of time clocks and job security, you will find stories, ideas, and inspiration in these weekly installments. We do focus often on the kinds of people that get lumped into the stereotypes of "the artist", but if you don't self apply that label, you should not feel left out. Our focus is on creativity, and that means many things to many people. Artists don't hold a monopoly on creativity, and week to week, we tease apart the layers to see what we can uncover for creative people of all kinds. If you are a creative thinker of any stripe, Outside the Lines is definitely for you!

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