"Great interview! Great guy! Thanks for bringing Jason Kelly into the limelight. I enjoyed all the article and have passed it along to several friends. Well done!" —Lynn

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What's Inside Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines is Windhook's email journal about pioneering your own creative life. We send our subscribers a note every Sunday morning, and now and then we send something extra as well. In the first Sunday installment each month, we feature an in-depth conversation with someone who's pioneering their own creative path. We talk about the rewards and the challenges, the hurdles they've overcome, and that they still face. We talk to creative people in lots of disciplines with unique personal experiences. These conversations are a great learning tool, illustrating how unique, and also how common to us all the issues are. On the remaining Sundays, we send you articles about various issues common to living the creative life.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover:

  • Making the leap from traditional job security to a freelance creative life
  • Motivation and resistance—what makes you go and what holds you back
  • Making time and space for your work
  • Marketing and showing your work
  • The business side of the creative life
  • Creative ways to make ends meet
  • Resources for creativity that we have found on the web and in the world

Why Email?

Outside the Lines comes to your inbox on Sunday morning for one simple reason. That way you don't have to remember where to find it. Sometimes you find a really cool web site, and you bookmark it thinking you will come back and check it regularly. And then six months later, you stumble across it again and realize that the bookmark is buried in a long list and you have forgotten all about it. By delivering OTL to your virtual doorstep every Sunday morning, we make sure you won't have that problem. Our subscribers love it, and we get lots of comments on how good it is to get up Sunday morning knowing they have Outside the Lines to read with their morning coffee or tea. We think you will like it too. Give it a try before you miss another Sunday with OTL!

See for Yourself

But enough of us talking about it, take a look for yourself. Here are some highlights from articles and interviews we have published. Read them for a good sample of what you'll find in your inbox on Sunday mornings when you subscribe. You can also look at the October and November 2011 installments in their entirety. We keep the full archive of everything we publish in the Member Resources folder for our subscribers.