"Great interview! Great guy! Thanks for bringing Jason Kelly into the limelight. I enjoyed all the article and have passed it along to several friends. Well done!" —Lynn

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The Windhook Interview—Jason Kelly

Our first anniversary issue in October features an interview with Jason Kelly. Jason is the author of several novels, a series of investment books called "The Neatest Little Guides" and several other investment books. He writes the very popular Kelly Letter, and is the founder and driving force behind the relief organization Socks for Japan. He lives and works in central Japan, and is the silent partner in a delightful coffee house in Longmont, Colorodo named Red Frog Coffee with his sister, Emily Kelly. Jason started in Silicon Valley writing tech manuals for IBM where he first met Michael in the 1990s, and has since that time very definitely stepped outside the lines to build one of the most unique and successfull careers we have ever seen up close.

Guy Rathbun joins us in this interview for one of his Designing a Creative Life radio programs. You aren't going to want to miss this one!

Each month, Guy produces a Designing a Creative Life program based on our most recent interview. These programs are released about a week after our interview each month. The format is somewhat fluid, since the creative opportunities for each show will vary depending on the unique qualities of the creative life that we are exploring that month. But generally, the format is a discussion between Guy, our interviewee, and us about the highlights of the interview.

The first three installments of Designing a Creative Life are available now. You can also find more information about this new project here.

We encourage you to download and freely share these programs as they are released each month. We also encourage you to leave comments on the PRX page and rate the programs using their five star system. The more (and higher) ratings the programs get, and the more conversation they generate on the page, the higher the likelihood that they will get picked up by more station managers to broadcast on the airwaves. Providing these programs with high ratings and comments is one way that you can really help us to get the word out about what we are doing. Station managers really pay attention to these ratings and comments as they select programming for their stations.

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