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 About our logo

A windhook captures the wind. But of course, this must be a "catch-and-release" program, since to hold the wind is to lose it. So windhooks engage the wind's power while letting it pass. They come in many forms: kites, windmills, flutes, chimes, sail boats, flags, whispering trees...and so it is with the creative spirit. By our training, practice and talents, we interact with creativity and ride its currents, but to box it up leaves us holding an empty box.

The clockwise or sunwise spiral represents many things to many people. To the Celts, it was generative power and spiritual growth. (The counter-clockwise, or anti-sunwise spiral had opposing chaotic negative connotations for the Celts.) Spirals have similar significance throughout human experience and occur widely in nature, from sea shells to galaxies.

We like the fact that a free-standing spiral, viewable from both sides, is either sunwise or anti-sunwise, depending on your perspective. This yin/yang tension between ascending creativity and impending chaos captures our philosophy of art quite nicely.

Our thanks to Satori Design Group in South Pasadena, CA for their assistance in designing our logo.